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The Latest Trends in Landscape Design 2024

Updated: Jan 5

In recent years, landscape design has evolved significantly, reflecting changing lifestyles, environmental concerns, and aesthetic preferences. The latest landscaping trends as we progress into 2024, when compared with the last five years, show both continuity and change in design philosophies.


Outdoor Living Elements

Outdoor living spaces will continue to be a central theme in 2024, much like the previous years. The trend has shifted from traditional patios to more elaborate setups, including outdoor kitchens, pergolas, fire pits, and gathering spaces. This trend reflects an ongoing desire to maximize property usage and enhance outdoor experiences, an inclination that has persisted post-COVID​​​​.


Emphasis on Event Hosting and Wellness

A unique trend that’s expected to continually gain popularity in 2024 is residential landscapes being designed for hosting events like weddings or family reunions and integrating health and wellness features such as meditation areas or spaces for yoga and exercise. These trends indicate a long-term planning approach and a focus on holistic well-being in landscape design​​.


Renovating Aging Landscapes

There's a growing trend towards renovating existing landscapes and decks, especially those poorly installed decades ago. This shift suggests a renaissance in classic construction techniques, contrasting with the earlier trend of complete overhauls​​​​. Perhaps the most popular example of this, is resurfacing an old wood deck whose subframe is healthy, with updated composite decking such as Trex.


Plant Preferences

The 2023 landscaping season experienced a notable demand for plants with bold colors and large blooms, contrasting with previous predictions of dark, moody plants. Clients are requesting more color and bright textures, showing a shift towards visually stimulating and vibrant landscapes​​; this is trending to continue for the 2024 season. These colorful plants can be accentuated by a well implemented outdoor lighting plan, enabling the plants to be appreciated both day and night. With color changing lighting technology becoming more abundant and user/installer friendly, you can expect to see an uptick in elaborate color changing outdoor lighting displays.


Past Trends (2020-2022)

Comparatively, the last five years saw several key trends:


  • Backyard Resort & Minimal Maintenance -- Homeowners focused on creating outdoor spaces with all-year-round utility and easy-care plantings, reflecting a desire for comfort and low maintenance​​.

  • Conservation and Sustainability -- Water conservation and sustainable options, such as high-tech irrigation systems and permeable pavers, were prioritized, reflecting an environmental consciousness​​.

  • Supporting Wildlife and Growing Food -- Landscapes that support wildlife and native plants, along with an increased interest in edible gardening, were prominent. These trends indicated a growing interest in ecological sustainability and self-sufficiency​​.

  • Bringing the Indoors Out -- Outdoor living spaces mirroring indoor comforts, such as outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, gained popularity. This trend aligns with the 2024 focus on outdoor living, showing continuity in the desire to blend indoor and outdoor experiences​​.


Reflection and Future Outlook

The continuity in outdoor living spaces and the focus on sustainability demonstrate an ongoing interest in enhancing living experiences while being mindful of environmental impacts. The shift in plant preferences and the renovation of aging landscapes reflect an evolving aesthetic and practical approach to landscaping. These trends underscore the dynamic nature of landscape design, responding to changing lifestyles, environmental needs, and aesthetic preferences.


The coming years will likely continue to see innovation and adaptation in landscape design, reflecting broader societal trends and individual homeowner preferences. Landscaping is not just about aesthetics; it's increasingly about creating spaces that cater to the health, well-being, and sustainability of the environment and its inhabitants.

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Large outdoor living space featuring a deck and patio.
Outdoor living space designed and built by Images Landscaping & Construction.


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